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Frame Gallery of Port Washington New York Logo - Frame Gallery is the pinnacle of #custom #framing! You name it, we frame it! With over 50 years of experience, we pride ourselves on the ability to find the perfect complimenting frame for your valued art. #frame #framed #shadowbox #design #art #craft #portwashington #ny #gallery #outlet #mirrors #consulting
Custom framing equipment used by our on site crew.

Memories SHOULD last!

Protect & Preserve

We know how important your things are. With our beautiful hand-crafted protective cases and enclosures, you can keep your valuables safe and still get to admire them. All of our work is custom and done on site. Our staff has experience in preserving items in a beautiful display. Our Shadow Boxes allow us to keep your items safe, but in view.

Unique Functional Displays

All of our work is custom designed for each item and for each customer. Frame Gallery Shadow Boxes complement your items while keeping them safe. Speak with our highly experienced staff, who will help you find the perfect way to show off your cherished items in a way you'll love. We can customize anything for your exact needs and do the work on site. Want a protective display with easy access? We can add fully functional mechanical access to your items.

Shadow Boxes for ANYTHING!

We mean anything! Our most popular works include sports memorabilia from professionals and family members, family heirlooms, antiques, retirement commemorations, and trophies and awards. It doesn't stop there. We can customize everything and make your perfect fit right in our shop! Call us, bring us your item, and we'll make it work. Our shadow boxes will win your heart.

Time-Stopping Shadow Boxes

Our unique ability to customize every framing opportunity to the exact wants and needs of our customers have kept us in business for over 50 years. We are able to customize a framing solution that perfectly complements any work of art, photograph, poster, or other valued item. Our in-house crew will design and create a custom mat and frame that will highlight your art.

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